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Heartland Community Church To Ordain Senior Pastor Kris R. Palmer

Heartland Community Church To Ordain

Senior Pastor Kris R. Palmer


On Sunday evening, March 5, 2017, Heartland Community Church will hold an ordination service for Kris R. Palmer to serve as Senior Pastor, in conjunction with the annual Missions Conference.  As the President of Heartland Christian College, Kris has been serving in a leadership role at Heartland for many years alongside Pastor Charles Sharpe and other team members. Kris will continue in his role as President of the College.

Pastor Kris and his wife, Martha, have made their home at Heartland since 2002. Martha is the Academic Dean of Heartland Christian College. Kris is a graduate of Atlanta High School, Truman State University, Liberty University, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania. The Palmers are parents of four grown children and have eight grandchildren. Several members of their family are part of the Heartland community and church. Kris’ father, James Palmer, has been a minister in this area for many years and is one of his strongest supporters in the church.

The Heartland church family continues to grieve the loss of Pastor Charles Sharpe, who founded and led the church for more than twenty years. Our prayers remain constant for his faithful wife, Laurie. Yet, the entire community looks forward with gratitude to days of hope and strength under the leadership of Pastor Kris and the team he is assembling.

Heartland Community Church meets at 101 Nations Boulevard, Bethel, Missouri 63434.