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Shelby Community Fire Department Purchases New Fire Truck

Shelbyville Mo — The Shelby Community Fire Department has obtained a new fire truck in order to better serve the community. It is a 2001 Pierce Saber Walk Around Rescue vehicle that seats six.

Special features include a 25 hw PTO Generator, a light tower, a self-contained breathing apparatus Eoscode fill station that will enable the firefighters to refill bottles, Jaws of Life, and enough space to carry all the equipment needed for all calls whether that would be to a fire or for a rescue The old equipment van only had one seat where a person could be belted in safely.

Fire Chief Mike Geisendorfer said, “I can see this truck going out on all calls and other vehicles accompanying it depending on the need. It will also provide a climate controlled environment for firefighters to rehab if they need to get in out of the cold or heat.”

Geisendorfer reported they did an extensive search to locate a truck that would meet their needs at an affordable price and that they did not have to borrow to make this purchase.