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Kropf Retires From The Carnegie Public Library After 29 Years

By Marlana Bonnell

“I’ve always looked at 65 as retirement time,” stated Linda Kropf.

Kropf is retiring from the Carnegie Public Library after working there as the librarian for 29 years.

Kropf stated, “They are so many things out there to do now that I am retiring.”

Kropf said she has five more states to see, a grandchild in Michigan who she would like to spend more time with.

“My church is going into a building project and I would like to be involved in that and a new Womens Ministry that I sure woud like to jump in.”

Kropf attends the Shelbina First Baptist Church.

Kropf has many memories as being the librarian.

“I have lots of favorite customers and patrons that I will miss.”

“I just love books and love being around books,” stated Kropf.

Kropf went on to add that the she doesn’t see parents bringing their children in to get books.

“Read to your kids every day and show them the library and get them excited about books. If you read to your children they will know how to spell, they will have vocabulary and know grammar.

“Just get your faces out of your phones and read to your kids,” stated Kropf.