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Auditor Galloway Visited Shelby County

By Marlana Smith

The Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway came to Shelby County on Thursday morning, October 12, 2017, to congratulate the Shelby County Circuit Court on the excellent rating they received on their audit in July.

“There have only been two counties who received excellent ratings since the ratings system was established in 2011. The Shelby County Circuit Court is the second to ever receive an excellent rating. The other county was Carroll County,” said Galloway.

Carroll County received an excellent rating in October 2016.

Galloway also recognized that Shelby County received an overall performance rating of good.

Galloway met the Shelby County elected officials and congratulated Circuit Clerk, Rose Shively; Court Clerk, Rose Shuck; and Court Clerk, Tammy Snider.

Galloway left the court house at around 10:00 a.m.