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Shelby Community Firefighters Complete State Course

  Nine Shelby Community firefighters completed the Missouri Basic Firefighter Course. They were recogninzed on Tuesday, March 12, at the monthly fire department meeting.

  According to Shelby Community Fire Chief Mike Geisendorfer Preston Hall, Andrew Pantaleo, Maverick Taylor, Corey Cooper, Byrant Gibbons, Brad Arment, Rowdy Vanskike, Clay Kiser, and Ethan Geisendorfer completed and passed the course. 

  Geisendorfer said that it was a 36 hour course that included a class and a test. “It is a 36 hour class, but they ended up doing 40 hours because it’s hard to get everything in, in just 36 hours,” said Geisendorfer. 

  The course is free and it is not mandatory as of right now. 

  Geisendorfer said, “It says a lot that they took time to do this because 70% of firefighters are volunteer and not paid and to actually put in 40 hours and try and be safe during fires just shows that they want to do their best.” 

  The following information was found on the Missouri Department of Public Safety Fire Safety Office of the State Fire Marshal website about the basic firefighter training course: The Division of Fire Safety developed the Basic Fire Fighter program at the request of the Missouri Fire Safety Education/Advisory Commission. This 36-hour course is designed to provide recruit firefighters with basic knowledge and skills necessary to help them function safely and effectively as members of a fire department. Much of the information contained in this program comes from the Fire Fighter I and II curriculum to provide continuity in training materials. Should a student desire to pursue firefighter certification within one year of completing the basic program, the completed skill sheets can be used to show mastery of some of the skills.

 Veron Cash was the instructor of the class. All nine firefighters will be receiving a certificate from the Missouri State Fire Marshal.