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NS Wins Over Bucklin, Loses on Road to Canton

  NS vs. Bucklin

  Tuesday, February 11

  The Raiders played at Bucklin on Tuesday, February 11. NS dominated, 71-19.

  North Shelby put in double digits in three of four quarters of the game.

  “We needed a game like this to get some confidence built up again and to work on some things that have hindered us in previous games. We got a lot of guys in and worked on some situations and placements that we don’t normally get to work on in games so that was good for us,” said North Shelby head coach Landon Daniel.

  Kyle Smith scored 17 points. Brendyn McDaniel tallied 14 and Silas Presson 12.

  NS vs. Canton

  Saturday, February 15

  North Shelby lost to Canton 64-37.

  NS failed to score in the first quarter. Canton led 22-0.

  The previous night North Shelby had defeated Knox County 50-49.

  Daniel said, “Flat out just didn’t come to play. Pretty embarrassing on our part that we can play such a good game against a pretty good team the night before and then just flat out not show up to play the next day. 

  “We got punched in the mouth and now we have to respond.”

  The Raiders shot only 29.2 percent from the floor.

  Carson Orr led NS with nine points.

  “We still have a lot to play for this season with only one week left and I know the boys will look back on this game as a fluke. 

  “It was definitely not the way we know how we can play for sure,” said Daniel.