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Informational Meeting Held for Demolition Project

By Marlana Smith

  The City of Shelbyville held a public informational meeting on the demolition project on Thursday, February 27.

  Cindy Hultz with the Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments (MTRCG) had informed the city it would receive a $101,572 demolition grant at the January 6 city meeting.

  Approximately 25 community members attended the meeting on February 27. 

  Transportation Planner for Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments Samantha Diffenderfer informed the board there will be 20 structures demolished. 

  She said the first step will be the environmental review which is to make sure there are no endangered species in any of the houses. The process may take approximately 90 days. 

  Diffenderfer informed homeowners not to take anything structural out of the home. 

  “There will be a period of time when homeowners will be able to go into their home and get structural things out. The City will send out letters when they are able to do that,” said Diffenderfer.

  Contractors will send in bids and later do a walk through. Before the contractors do their walk through, everything the homeowners want will have been taken out. 

  The city will set a time frame of when the demolition has to be completed.

  Diffenderfer said the earliest that the demolition would take place is this fall and the latest would be the spring of 2021.