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Shelbyville Makes Steps in Direction of Demolition Project

  The City of Shelbyville met in regular session, Monday, March 2 at the city office. Present were Mayor Mike Vanskike, Aldermen Brad Willey, Jerry Myers, Paul Sulser and Rob Souther; City Clerk Gina Mesmer, City Superintendent Randy Shores and City Worker Nathan Minear.

  Mesmer told the board she would have more information on online payments at the April meeting.

  The board discussed the city office building and information from Steve Raymond, city lawyer about listing the building. The board decided to table the discussion and no decisions were made.

  There was a meeting for demolition information on February 27, for the city and community. The city can open an account at the bank where the grant money will be deposited and start the title searches. The environmental review will be started by Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments and they will give updates as to the progress. 

  Alderman Southers made a motion to open an account at Exchange Bank with Mayor Vanskike and Alderman Southers as the ones responsible to sign checks. Alderman Sulser also made a motion to start the title searches. Alderman Willey seconded these motions. Motions passed.

  The city is looking into a replacement for someone to take the trash to their dumpster at senior housing weekly.

  The board discussed sponsoring a grant for a non-profit organization that is in town if needed. There were a lot questions about what the city would be responsible for. If the need arises the city will need extensive information before anything could be decided.

  Shores receives a bid on the water tower to have the inside of the tank sand blasted and repainted. The bid was for $52,000. This will need to be done next year. The city will look into having this done next year and have it in on the budget.

  The spring bulk pickup date is Friday, April 24. 

  The next meeting will be Monday, April 6 at 6 p.m. Since the election is April 7 the city will swear in the elected officials at the May meeting.