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Supreme Court Suspends All In-Person Proceedings

The Supreme Court of Missouri has ordered that the courts of the State of Missouri shall remain open, however, the Supreme Court has suspended all in-person proceedings in all appellate and circuit courts.  Judges are encouraged to utilize technology to limit in-person courtroom appearances.  Despite the suspension of in-person court proceedings, Missouri Courts must still carry out the core, constitutional functions of the Missouri Judiciary and continue to uphold the constitutional rights of litigants.

Judge Frederick “Rick” Tucker holds his Macon County Juvenile Law Days with only Chief Juvenile Officer Megan Edgerton and Circuit Clerk Twila Halley present in the courtroom.  All other parties involved in the hearings appear via video or telephone conference.  The photos show the vast difference between how court is conducted during the present COVID-19 pandemic and how it was conducted during the influenza pandemic in 1918.