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Municipal Elections Will be Held June 2

By Martha Jane East

An election for the various municipalities of Shelby County was rescheduled to take place Tuesday, June 2.

City Offices

Bethel: (Three trustees to be elected) Helen Farran, John A. Malcarne and Jon R. Miles have filed for these positions.

Clarence: Wendy Timbrook has filed for mayor. (Two aldermen at large to be elected for two year terms) Those filed for these positions are Dorothy Lanpher, James Kohn, Kenny Hoffman and Mike Rickerson.

Leonard: (Three trustees to be elected) Election will be by write-in.

Shelbina: Al Dimmitt has filed for mayor. David Dovin and Alan Denham have filed for the East Ward seats and Chad Wharton has filed for West Ward alderman.

Shelbyville: Michael Vanskike has filed for mayor. Robert Southers has filed for North Ward alderman. Election for the South Ward will be by write-in.

North Shelby School District: Five candidates have filed for the three open positions. They are Shawn McEwen, Keith Killen, Joshlin Yoder, Michael Orr and Jason Pollard.

Other entities

Some residents in Shelby County will have the opportunity to vote for board members in the Marion County R-II School District; board members in the Atlanta C-3 School District in Macon County; board members in the Lewis County C-1 School District; Proposition K.I.D.S. in the Lewis County C-1 School District and a director for the Monroe City Rural Fire Board. See sample ballot elsewhere in this issue for details.


A Non-Election was ordered if the number of candidates who have filed for a particular office is equal to the number of positions in that office. A list of these entities and persons that are serving in these positions was published in the March 4, 2020 issue of the Shelby County Herald.

Absentee Ballots

Absentee voting continues. Voters who will be gone or who are unable to go to the polls may vote in the County Clerk’s office through Monday, June 1. Absentee voting will also be available on Saturday, May 30, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Nursing Homes

Ballots will be delivered to nursing homes. The administration there will assist voters for this election as the bi-partisan team will not be allowed in the facilities.

Anyone with questions may contact Shelby County Clerk Stephanie Bender at 573-633-2181.