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High Speed Pursuit Starts in Shelbyville

By Marlana Smith

A high-speed pursuit began at the intersection of Highway 15 and Route 168 in Shelbyville on Monday, May 18.

According to Shelby County Chief Deputy Arron Fredrickson, at 11:30 a.m. a silver automobile of unknown make or model was observed by an officer with expired license tags.

The vehicle headed east on Highway 168 at a high rate of speed.

“The pursuit was terminated due to the fact it was a misdemeanor and the car traveled outside of the county line into Marion County.

“It depends on what charge we have on the suspect(s) whether or not we pursue outside of the county line,” Fredrickson added.

Captain Lisa Jones of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department said her agency received communication via 911 the automobile in question was a Ford Lincoln 4-door. Jones stated the vehicle entered Marion County on Route J.

Marion County authorities and the Missouri Highway Patrol were unable to locate the automobile.