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June 2, Municipal Election Results

By Martha Jane East

Due to the safety precautions taken because of the COVID-19 virus, the April 7, Municipal Election was moved to Tuesday, June 2. Only 12.06 percent of the 4,388 registered votes in Shelby County took part in this election. Shelby County Clerk Stephanie Bender reported the following unofficial results as voters chose their representatives for school boards and city councils:

North Shelby School Board

Five people ran for the three open positions. Elected were Shawn McEwen with 294 votes, Keith Killen with 260 votes and Joshlin Yoder with 187 votes. Others receiving votes were Jason Pollard with 131 votes and Michael Orr with 77 votes.

Village of Bethel

Three trustees were elected in the Village of Bethel. Votes for the three candidates were tallied as follows: Helen Farran, 30 votes; John A. Malcarne, 18 votes; Jon R. Miles, 38 votes. There were also 13 write-in votes.

City of Clarence

Wendy Timbrook was elected mayor with 64 votes. Two alderman seats were open. Elected were Dorothy Lanpher with 32 votes and Mike Rickerson with 59 votes. Others receiving votes were James Kohn with 13 votes and Kenny Hoffman with 19 votes.

Village of Leonard

Three trustees were elected from 62 write-in votes. Elected were Shawn McEwen and Andrew Bichsel each with 19 votes and Jamie McWilliams with 13 votes.

City of Shelbina

There was no opposition for the City Council positions. Al Dimmitt was re-elected mayor with 86 votes. Alan Denham was elected to a two year term as East Ward alderman with 49 votes. David Dovin was elected to a one year term as East Ward alderman with 50 votes. Chad Wharton was elected West Ward alderman with 39 votes.

City of Shelbyville

There was no opposition for the seats on the Shelbyville City board. Michael Vanskike was re-elected mayor with 79 votes. Robert Southers was re-elected as North Ward alderman with 36 votes. No one had filed for the alderman’s seat in the South Ward. Receiving the most write-in votes for this seat were Paul Sulser with 9 votes and Gene Boyles with 7 votes.