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Gough Gives COVID-19 Update

  Shelby County Health Department Administrator Audrey Gough announced Friday, August 28 two new positive instances of coronavirus.

  “The individuals have already been in quarantine due to being a close household contact,” Gough stated in a press release.

  Gough indicated Friday there were six active cases.

  In addition, there existed two probable occurrences of the virus.

  “These individuals are direct contact to a household positive case and meet case definition of COVID-19, but have not been tested,” Gough said of the two.

  Since March 24, the health department has reported 48 positive coronavirus results in the county. Two people have been hospitalized.

  “Distancing yourself from individuals, no matter the setting, by six feet or more and limiting contact with them to within 15 minutes will help all of us in the end,” Gough said.