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Petition for Recount Denied

By Troy Treasure

  Former Republican candidate for Shelby County Sheriff Brad Wilt still has questions regarding the outcome of the Aug. 4 Primary Election.

  Wilt finished third in the race. One week later, he filed a petition contesting the results.

  Last week, Bradley N Wilt v Shelby County Clerk was heard by Circuit Court Judge Rick Tucker via video.

  In what Wilt described as a 20-minute hearing, held Tuesday, Aug. 25, Tucker denied the petition.

  Current Chief Deputy Arron Frederickson received the party’s nomination with 842 votes.  Clarence Police Chief Raymond Barton was second at 299. Wilt received 158.

  According to court documents, Barton and Frederickson were also defendants in the case. Wilt told the Herald neither was asked questions.

  Chris Ehrenreich (D), Frederickson and Matt Mefford (I) are vying to succeed retiring Sheriff Dennis Perrigo (D) in the Nov. 3 General Election.

  Wilt indicated his request was prompted, in part, by broadcast and published reports in Kansas City-area media pertaining to a recent recount in Clay County.

  “I saw that and was, like, I think that’s what happened here,” Wilt said. “I’ve lived in this county my whole life and my numbers were so low. Nobody can figure out why Frederickson’s are so high.

  “You talk to people on the street, they’re, like, I don’t think these numbers are right.”

  Wilt previously ran for Sheriff as an Independent candidate in 2008. According to information provided by the Clerk’s Office, Perrigo received 2,278 votes. Wilt had 970. There was no Republican candidate.

  County Clerk Stephanie Bender explained verification protocol following elections.

  “We have to do a recount on one polling place and we picked Shelbyville this time,” Bender said. “Our hand recount and our machine recount both matched the count from the election perfectly.”

  Bender said additional steps were also taken.

  “I have a post-test that I have to run on every machine,” she said. “When I did that, every one of them turned out exactly like it should have. I get an official test deck from Adkins, our printing company. It matched my pre-test. That meant the machines were in the same state at the beginning as the end. That meant my machines were functioning properly.”

  Wilt was asked if, during the legal proceeding, he was treated fairly.

  “I wonder because the judge, I know, knows Arron because he works in court with him all the time,” Wilt responded.

  Wilt was asked if he would appeal Tucker’s ruling.

  “If I knew I could get another judge away from here, I probably would,” Wilt answered. “But who’s to say I’m going to get another judge away from here?”