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Sheriff Asks for Public’s Assistance

Since the beginning of the campaign season the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple complaints of signs being taken down or stolen.

Sheriff Dennis Perrigo said in a press release on Tuesday, Sept. 22 they have located several signs and have returned them to the owners and or helped set signs back up no matter what party they are affiliated with.

Perrigo said, “When caught the person or persons responsible for such actions will be prosecuted.”

According to 570.030 Stealing – penalties – 1. A person commits the offense of sealing if he or she: Appropriates property or services of another with the purpose to deprive him or her thereof, either without his or her consent or by means of deceit or coercion. The offense of stealing is a class A misdemeanor if no other penalty is specified in this section. (Class A Misdemeanor – up to one year in jail; a fine not to exceed two thousand dollars or a combination of both).

Perrigo asks if anyone sees someone stealing a sign or defacing any signs to call the Sheriff’s Office right away at 573-633-2161.