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CARES Act Meeting Held

The nine-member Shelby County Cares Act Committee met Monday, Sept. 21.

  County Commissioners Glenn Eagan, Larry Roberts, Tom Shively as well as County Clerk Stephanie Bender, Wendeline Brumbaugh, Andrew Coon, Kelly McEwen, Gina Mesmer and Lynn Perrigo were present.

  The next scheduled committee meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 9 a.m.

  All letters and payments approved at the Sept. 10 meeting had been sent out.

  The committee spoke with Jim of Mark Twain Internet pertaining to the fiber optic line. Questions included residential connection, availability in the Clarence area and additional cost to customers.

  Mark Twain Internet indicated it would match half the cost. Were the County to pay $205,000, MTI would pay the same amount to reach $410,000.

  Coon motioned the committee was interested in the funding, but sought clarification on the following details: wireless bandwidth in Clarence, a rough map of where wireless service would go and how far off route will customers be connected without cost to them.

    Eagan and Coon updated the committee on a meeting they had the previous Wednesday at the County Health Department. The subject was tabled until the next meeting.

  In other business, South Shelby requested $54,350 for chrome books. Brumbaugh motioned to approve the request, Coon seconded. It passed 9-0.

  Heartland Christian Academy requested $75,415.52 for lap tops. Following discussion, Coon motioned to pay an average of what was paid to the other two schools. The amount was $9,543.80. Perrigo seconded. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

  Salt River Community Care requested $9,932.47 for COVID-19 hours. The committee is not paying for regular working hours for COVID-10 at this time; it is only paying for overtime COVID-19 hours. Brumbaugh motioned to deny the request. Roberts seconded. It passed 9-0.

  Shelbina Villa Lifecare requested $15,900 for the cost of base-line COVID-19 testing as the facility has to pay the full amount. Coon motioned to pay the requested amount. Shively seconded. It passed unanimously.

  The Villa requested $6522.96 for supplies for the pandemic and personal protective equipment (PPE). Brumbaugh motioned to pay the amount. Perrigo seconded. It passed 9-0.

  The Shelby County Assessor’s Office requested $5,750 for the technology program to e-File the county assessments. The request was tabled.

  Salt River Ambulance District Director Kieth Pantaleo talked with the committee about the district’s requests and answered questions. Roberts motioned to pay $3,579 for the other sanitization machine. Eagan seconded. It passed 9-0.

  In addition, the ambulance district requested $37,248.18 for radios. After discussion, Roberts motioned to pay $20,793.22 for radios at that time with the rest to be revisited according to funds. The committee had to take $840 off the original request as it cannot pay for warranty with the grant. Eagan seconded the motion by Roberts. It passed unanimously.

  Salt River Ambulance Base also requested $6,867.78 for a chair lift. The request was tabled as the committee awaits a list of the most important items they are needing.

  The ambulance district requested $37,399.96 for a CPR chest compression system and $31,075.49 for a power pro cot. Both requests were tabled.

  Communities Taking Action requested $3,458.35. Eagan, Roberts, Shively and Bender went through the request and decided upon $347.67 to pay CTA. The funds are to pay for cleaning supplies, one filter and the technical person. Brumbaugh motioned to approve and McEwen seconded. It passed 9-0.