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General Election Results in Shelby County

Shelby County voters turned out in large numbers Tuesday, Nov. 3 with 76.54 percent of registered voters casting ballots according to official results released by Shelby County Clerk Stephanie Bender on Friday, Nov. 6.

In the county Sheriff’s race, Republican Arron Fredrickson won with 1,821 votes. Democrat Chris Ehrenreich received 454 and Independent Matthew Mefford received 1,031.

Fredrickson was grateful voters elected him.

“All the hard work and dedication that my family put in is very satisfying. I’ve just got to say thank you.

“It was a challenge. The experience opened my eyes to a lot of new different people that I’ve never met in Shelby County. The experience to me would be a learning experience,” Fredrickson said.

Amber, Fredrickson’s wife, said, “I think he worked hard to put himself out there to meet people and show the people of Shelby County his heart. I think it was a really positive experience whether it was people who were going to go vote for him or not.”

“There are a lot of people that had good ideas and good thoughts about how and what the Sheriff’s Department should do. So, I will be able to implement those ideas and plans into the next term,” Arron Fredrickson added.

In the national election for President and Vice President, Shelby County cast 2,700 votes for the Trump-Pence Republican ticket; 592 votes for the Biden-Harris Democratic ticket; 46 votes for the Jorgensen-Cohen Libertarian ticket; 8 votes for the Hawkins-Walker Green ticket and 4 votes for the Blankenship-Mohr Constitution ticket.

State Races

Governor, Shelby County voters cast 2,698 votes for Parson, (R); 576 for Galloway, (D); 44 for Combs, (L) and 11 for Bauer, (GRN).

Lt. Governor, Shelby County cast 2,611 votes for Kehoe (R); 540 for Canady (D); 50 for Slantz (L) and 27 for Dragoo (GRN).

Secretary of State, Shelby County cast 2,754 votes for Ashcroft (R), 405 for Faleti (D); 51 for Freese (L); 22 for Lehmann (GRN) and 14 for Venable (CST).

State Treasurer, Shelby County cast 2,591 votes for Fitzpatrick (R); 535 for Englund (D); 52 for Kasoff (L) and 15 for Civettini (GRN).

Attorney General, Shelby County cast 2,579 votes for Schmitt (R); 538 for Finneran (D); and 77 for Babcock (L).

Regional and Local Races

US Rep. Dist. 6, Shelby County cast 2,704 votes for Graves (R); 502 for Ross (D) and 50 for Higgins (L).

State Rep. Dist. 5, Louis Riggs (R) 2,813 votes.

Eastern Dist. Commissioner Tom Shively (D) 1,437 votes.

Western Dist. Commissioner Terry Mefford (R) 1,060 votes; Larry P Roberts (D) 425 votes.

Assessor Liz Miles (R) 2,960 votes.

Coroner Corey G. Eagan (D) 2,748 votes.

Public Administrator, Susan Wilt (R) 2,397; Mark Bowman (I) 762 votes.

Supreme Court Judge Breckenridge 2,107 yes votes, 685 no votes.

Eastern Dist. Appeals Judge

Odenwald 2,090 yes votes and 650 no votes.

Eastern Dist. Appeals Judge Ranson 2,071 yes votes and 659 no votes.

Constitutional Amendment 1 1,537 yes votes and 1,603 no votes

Constitutional Amendment 3 2,006 yes votes and 1,192 no votes.