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County COVID-19 Cases Surge

  County Health Administrator Audrey Gough confirmed to the Herald Monday morning the county had its third death due to COVID-19.

  “It’s coming at all of us like a freight train,” Gough said.    

  County-wide, there were 58 active cases. One individual was hospitalized.

  Show Me Strong Recovery Plan showed Shelby County had the second-highest positivity rate in Missouri. Worth County was first at 48.3 percent.

  The data is for the seven-day positivity rate. At 9:30 a.m. on Monday, showed Shelby County at 44.9 percent.

   “This number is changing daily. Saturday we were at 54.2 percent and were number one in the state,” Gough said.

  “As our weekly positivity rate continues to rise, we need to all work together and take this more seriously. We cannot put this in the closet to get through the holidays like we normally do. Now is the time to mask up, stay out of large crowds, wash those hands and please stay home if you are having any symptoms of COVID,” Gough added.

  Gough said the total positives are taken and divided by the total number of people tested with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) which is the certified lab test for COVID-19. The Antigen (rapid) test numbers are not included.

  “We have no control on these numbers or how they are reported out. This is being handled by the Governor’s office,” Gough added.

    As of Monday morning, North Shelby currently had two staff members and one student who had tested positive for COVID-19. South Shelby had one student and Heartland Christian Academy had none.

  “The hospitals are overwhelmed, the nursing homes are having more positive cases in their residents and staff. If we don’t do our part now, it’s going to affect our business and our economy. We are a strong community and I know that we all want the best for Shelby County residents.

  “Together we can get through this.  But we must all do our part to make this happen for Shelby County,” Gough said.