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CARES Committee Releases Results of October Meeting

The Shelby County CARES Act Committee met on Oct. 29. In attendance were members Glenn Eagan, Larry Roberts, Tom Shively, Stephanie Bender, Andrew Coon, Kelly McEwen and Gina Mesmer. Wendeline Brumbaugh joined by telephone.

  All letters and payments approved at the meeting have been sent out.

  McEwen submitted a bill for People’s Clinic in the amount of $4,235.40 to go toward its blanket request of $13,000.

  Chariton Valley CEO David Long talked to the committee about broadband and what his company can do for the county. Chariton Valley engineer Kevin Libran explained the speeds it offers and its plans for the county. Coon motioned, and was seconded by Roberts, to table the request. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

  Pat Greenwell spoke about the Shelbina Fire Department’s request for self-contained breathing apparatus and its importance.

  Kieth Pantaleo with Salt River Ambulance District talked to the committee about the request the District had submitted. He spoke about the need for the communication equipment.

  Mesmer motioned to pay the Ambulance District’s $4,266 request for pagers. The rest of the request was tabled. Coon seconded and the motion passed with Brumbaugh abstaining.

  Salt River Community Care requested payment for COVID-19 overtime worked, a bladder scanner and reimbursement for Remind, a call service it is using for communication with families and employees. The committee can only pay 50 percent of Remind for items March through December, per Grant rules. Coon motioned and Brumbaugh seconded to pay for the overtime, bladder scanner and 50 percent of Remind. The final amount is $9,080. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

  Shelbina Villa requested $6,015 to purchase a rapid response tester and testing strips. Shively motioned to pay and seconded by McEwen. All members voted yes.

  The Shelbina and Clarence Fire Districts requested $50,000 each for self-contained breathing apparatus. Coon motioned to table the request until a later date, seconded by McEwen. The motion passed unanimously.

  The County Health Department requested COVID-19 mileage and overtime in the amount of $2,060.56. Roberts motioned and Mesmer seconded paying. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

  The Monroe City R-1 School District requested $2,917.20 with the District indicating it had 25 Shelby County students. The DESE Report stated there are 17 Shelby County students attending Monroe City R-1. Coon motioned to pay $112.28 per student at 17 students, the averaged amount the schools in the county received. McEwen seconded and the committee voted unanimously to pay the amount of $1,908.76.

  Camp Jo-Ota requested $1,011.33. Brumbaugh motioned to pay. Coon amended the motion to pay for expenses the committee possessed receipts for. Roberts seconded. By unanimous vote, members agreed to pay $611.73.

  Kent and Lisa Blickman amended their request and requested to be paid for the mileage to drive to and from Monroe City to pick up Farm to Family food from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Roberts motioned to pay for the period March 31-Oct. 27 with a first check of $1,089 and to pay the remainder at the end of the year. Mesmer seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

  Dispatchers requested $3,906 for new chairs. Shively motioned to grant $1,500. Coon seconded. The funds were approved by unanimous vote.

  The Sheriff’s Department request of $2,784.97 for a new inmates’ washer and dryer was tabled until the next meeting.

   Shelby County submitted a request for reimbursement for mileage paid to Glenn Eagan ($61.05) to pick up PPE supplied by FEMA and SEMA for the county. Brumbaugh motioned to approve and McEwen seconded. All members vote yes.

  The county requested $42.45 in reimbursement for the purchase of more masks. Coon made a motion to pay seconded by Mesmer. The motion passed with Bender abstaining.

  A request made by the Assessor’s office was tabled until the next meeting.

  The committee was scheduled to meet again Dec. 3 at 9 a.m.