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Road Signs Destroyed, Commissioners Ask for Public Assistances

The Shelby County Commission is asking for citizens in Shelby County and even bordering counties to report any information regarding road signs being stolen.

Presiding Commission Glenn Eagan said signs started disappearing over a month ago. There have been approximately 50 signs taken and posts and holders have been destroyed.

Eagan said there are 480 miles of road in the county with approximately 600-700 road signs.

Every time a sign must be replaced it costs around $50 after adding in the cost of the post, sign, brackets and labor.

If emergency personnel are trying to find a location given out by the 911 dispatchers, it could be a really bad situation if there aren’t road signs.

“It’s going to cost someone’s life,” said Eagan.

The county commission will prosecute to the highest degree if suspect(s) are caught.

In an article published in August of 2019, commissioners had the same problem.

The public needs to contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office at 573-633-2161 with any information regarding this crime or if anyone sees anything suspicious.