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Voter Registration Canvas Voter ID Cards to be Mailed Out

Shelby County Clerk, Stephanie Bender will be conducting a canvass of voter registration records as required by Missouri Revised Statute 115.163(3). Voter identification cards will be sent by non-forwardable mail in the next few days to each registered voter according to the address on the voter registration record.

The voter registration card will list the voter’s name, address, polling place and some of the districts in which the voter is eligible to vote and the voter’s precinct location.

Please check the information to see if the residence and mailing address and all information is correct.  If it is correct, keep it with you in your wallet. Do not return it if it is correct.  This is your Voter ID Card.  It also provides a good second ID that is needed in many situations.  If your address has changed or if any of the information is incorrect, spelling, etc, please write in any corrections, sign it and mail it back to the Clerk’s office.  A corrected card will be issued to you.  We must have the voter’s signature to make a change or remove a voter who has moved.

If you have changed your address and your card is not delivered to you, please remember it is your responsibility to update your record.  For voters whose cards are returned to us, we will follow the procedures to confirm your address with you.  Please make every effort to respond in a timely manner in order to keep your registration current.

If you are not registered to vote and would like to, you may do so at the courthouse, your local city office, License Bureau or other state offices that provide public assistance. You may also go to and fill out, print, sign and mail an application or you may choose to do an online application.

If there are any questions regarding the information on the card, polling place’s or concerning elections and voter registration, please contact County Clerk Stephanie Bender at (573) 633-2181.