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2023 Basketball Pre-season Scrimmage to be Held at South Shelby

South Shelby will host the basketball pre-season scrimmage on Monday, Nov. 13, 2023, beginning at 5:30 p.m. in both the high school and middle school gyms.

Paris, Louisiana and Westran will join South Shelby. Each team will face each other for two quarters, playing a total of six quarters.

Schedule for games in the high school gym:

Game 1: (Girls) South Shelby vs. Westran     

Game 2: (Boys) South Shelby vs. Westran     

Game 3: (Girls) South Shelby vs. Paris     

Game 4: (Boys) South Shelby vs. Paris     

Game 5: (Girls) South Shelby vs. Louisiana     

Game 6: (Boys) South Shelby vs. Louisiana     

Schedule for games in the middle school gym:

Game 1: (Girls) Louisiana vs. Paris

Game 2: (Boys) Louisiana vs. Paris

Game 3: (Girls) Westran vs. Louisiana

Game 4: (Boys) Westran vs. Louisiana

Game 5: (Girls) Paris vs. Westran

Game 6: (Boys) Paris vs. Westran