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Book Flood at the Shelbina Library

The Shelbina Carnegie Library is having a Book Flood, and everyone is invited to

exchange a book to read on Christmas Eve just like in Iceland.

According to a

Smithsonian Magazine article, Iceland’s “Christmas Book Flood” or Jolabokaflod, is

based on a rich history of literary traditions that, during World War II, culminated in

publishers in Iceland creating catalogs of lists of new books in the fall for Icelanders to

give as gifts. These gifts were opened on December 24th, and the people would stay up

that night reading the new books and drinking hot chocolate.

What a great tradition to

start! The library staff liked this tradition so much that they want to share it with friends

and family in Shelby County too. To participate, any time between now and December

21, choose a book from your collection to exchange, wrap it up, and tell a little about the

book on a tag; be sure to include an age designation. Stop by the library and exchange

your book for one under the tree in the entryway off of Chestnut Street. Anyone and

everyone is invited to participate in hopes of having our own Christmas Eve Book Flood!

For more information on the Jolabokaflod tradition go to: