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Nursing Home News

Salt River Community Care:

By Carole Wharton

 Greetings, from Salt River Community Care. We hope everyone had a wonderful week. We had another busy and fun week here at SRCC.  We started our week off on Saturday with Amanda  playing some games of Dice Baseball in the activity room.  In the afternoon, we enjoyed some rounds of the card game Sevens.  On Sunday, we had church services with The Open Door Church.

     Monday morning, we started our morning with Catholic Communion with Larry Mitchell in the community room.  After that, we did manicures in the activity room.   In the afternoon, we enjoyed playing Trivia Bingo with Pastor Jeff  in the activity room.

     Tuesday morning,  we started our day off with exercises with Amanda.  After that, we enjoyed playing several games of Sevens in the activity room.  After lunch we played Bingo.    The winners were  Karen Baymiller, Terry Turner, Tom Crawford, Mae Buckman,  Sue Roberts, Mary Lou Bischsel,  Peggy Roberts, and  Shirley White.

     On Wednesday morning, we started our day off with Paddle Ball in the activity room.  After that, we enjoyed playing Over the Mountain  in the activity room.   In the afternoon, we gathered in the main dining room to enjoy Banana Splits.  They sure were delicious.   In the evening we played Crazy 8’s with Candace. The winners were Mary Geisendorfer, Freddie Shively and Mae Buckman.

    Thursday morning,  we started our day off with coloring and listening to music in the activity room.  After that, we did a social hour where we discussed music preferences and discussed how much history has changed.   In the afternoon,  we got together in the main dining room for our January Birthday Party.  We celebrated by eating cake and listening to music performed by Bill Lear, Sherwin Dent and Leah Knight.

     Friday morning, we started our day with Tableball in the activity room.   After that, we played some games of UNO Attack.   After lunch, we played Bingo.  The winners were  Mae Buckman, Edna Otto, Eugene Wright, Tom Craeford, Anna Jean Wilt, Bessie Ide, Peggy Roberts, Nellie Latchford and Shirley White .   We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week!!

     For upcoming events and pictures of highlighted events, check out our Facebook page.  If you would like to send a note or picture to a loved one, you can send it to and we will be sure to deliver it.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list for the messengers please contact us in the activity department by email or phone at 573-588-4175.

Shelbina Villa:

By Ashley Arnett

Monday, we got beautified with Marva Maddox fixing up everyone’s hair, while activity director Cyndi beautified their nails! We played a few rousing rounds of washers after lunch. Jerri Hewitt won by a landslide with 32 points! She is either very accurate with her tossing abilities, or very lucky! Dorothy Gill came in second place with 18 points! Then for third place, we had a three-way tie! Janet Bichsel, Rogers Hewitt, and Nora Utterback all got 14 points!

Tuesday, we played Word Wall. Our word to make words from was Snowstorms. Out of the 157-word possibilities, we came up with 101 words in an hour! After lunch, we played the dice game Left, Right, Center. We each took turns rolling the dice, in the hopes that we did not have to give up any of our chips! Our chip champion was Pete Kendrick! Pete ended the game with the most chips out of everyone!

With the excess snow we got over the last couple of days, we decided it was a good time to reminisce our bygone days of being a kid. Cyndi brought in totes of fresh snow, and we made mini snow men! Once we finished our snowmen, we hated for the snow to go to waste, so a few of the ladies took advantage of it, and gave it a toss across the table at one another, thus starting our indoor snowball fight. Even a few of the staff got pelted, making the residents smile from ear to ear! We played Wheel of Fortune after lunch. We bought several letters and guessed the phrases left and right. In the end, Pat Vannoy ended the game with the most money and Janet Cline answered the most phrases! Way to go ladies!

We used our thinking caps after breakfast and played Jeopardy. We divided into two teams. Team one consisted of Jane Gaines, Gail Canavan, Linda Barton, Dorothy Gill, Pat Vannoy, and Janet Bichsel. Team two consisted of Marge Williams, Pete Kendrick, Nora Utterback, Lydia Gilbert, Jerri Hewitt, and Faye Poore. Each team took turns picking a category and answering a corresponding question to that category. Team one ended the game with 3,700 points, while team two ended the game with 7,400 points, thus making team two the morning winners! We played a fun dice game called Zero Difference after lunch. We each rolled the dice multiple times but Linda Barton was our big winner!

Friday morning, we had a special treat. Pastor Delbert from Clarence came and did a Bible study with us. His words resonated with us all and he even led several hymns for us to sing along with. Several of the ladies commented on Delbert’s powerful singing voice, stating that he was very talented, and his voice is easy on the ears. We played our weekly Bingo after lunch. Pat Vannoy was our big winner, getting three Bingos throughout our time playing!

The staff at the Villa would like to remind you to please stay at home if you are feeling sick, but if you are feeling well, we love to have visitors!  We hope you have a blessed week and please remember to visit us on our Facebook page to see everyone in action! God Bless!