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Church News – January 24, 2024 Edition

Hunnewell Church News:

What a beautiful Winter day God blessed us with.  The temperature was cold but continued to warm up and the sunshine was beautiful.  And, we are another day closer to Spring.  Some had asked ahead of time if we would gather, and gather we did in good number.

Our Sunday School was blessed with greater attendance then usual and our teachers were there and ready to lead us in the study of God’s Word.  Thank you Branden Dehner, LaDonna Berry and June Grubb.

Many more entered through the doors for our worship service.  How good it was to see each one as there has been so much sickness and difficulties.  Ed Berry led us in our opening hymn of Standing On The Promises.  Following the invocation, we sang Leaning On The Everlasting Arms.  How good it makes us feel when we are firmly assured of the power and faithfulness of the God in whom we believe.  Do you harbor that feeling?  Jim Berry led in our ministry of prayer time.   It was so good to see Jim back in church again.  We look forward to seeing his wife, Sandy, one of these days soon.  Our next hymn was Let Others See Jesus In You and that’s surely what we need to do each day.  Branden Dehner,  Robert Roland, Tim Jenkins and Bobby Berry received our gifts unto the Lord.  Lorie Lehenbauer blessed us with a beautiful special It Is Well With My Soul.

Pastor’s message was Sanctity of Life as this was the theme of the day on our denominational

calendar.  The text we used was from Genesis 1:27-28, Psalm 127:3 and Romans 1:8f.  We considered what the Bible says about sex; what the Bible says about life, what the Bible teaches about when life begins and what we need to do about it.  God’s Word is very clear about each of these directives.  The matter comes down to whether we truly believe in God or not and whether we are truly committed to living by His teachings or wander away to the world’s path of lies.

We partook of The Lord’s Supper and the had our scheduled business meeting before going home.  Jim &Sandy Berry have an anniversary on Monday, Phenyx Smith and Dakota Hooper have a birthday on Tuesday.  Wednesday is Bible study night at 6:00.  On Friday the Women’s Group are to meet at 2:00.  And, our regular Sunday service schedule will follow as usual at 9:00 and 10:15.

We hope you will come and gather with us for these events.

We are just west of Hunnewell on Hwy. 36 east.  Look for the big red cross and you will find us.