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South Shelby Archers Headed to State

   State archery will be held in Branson, MO on March 20-23.  There are two ways that a student can make it to State: as an individual or if a team of 12 scores a certain amount of points. Registration for State is a tiered process. Tier 1 has the first selection for flights during state times.  Tier 2 has second, then tier 3.  A student is NOT guaranteed to go to state even if they score in tier 3 if tier 1 and tier 2 fills all of the slots.  In other words, the higher the score, the better chance at shooting at State.

   Congratulations to the following students that made individual qualifying scores for state archery held in Branson, MO on March 20-23:

High School(must score 275 or above): Gabe Bowen,  Jaycee Mefford, Harlie Fuller, Caden Stevenson, Kale McElhoe, Kainen Hooper, Axel Jackson, Beau Mason, Jace McWilliams, Peyson Larrick, Jace McWilliams, Charlie Roush, Bree Gill and Austin Livers.

  Middle School (must score 270 or above):

  Everett Ratliff, Miles Roth, Avery Gregory and Mason Jackson.

     We are obligated to follow certain rules for a team according to Missouri NASP:  A team must have at least 12 archers of which 4 must be of the opposite gender (no all-girl or all-boy teams are allowed.) This year, we had 2 middle school teams. One of those teams made a state score of 3169, so they are in the second tier.  We had 2 high school teams; one team made a score of 3320 allowing them to be in the second tier.  The State team is decided by two factors:  the top individual scores of this season and the season averages.  Those that scored individual state scores are automatically placed on the team.  To finish the team, we look at an archers top score and his/her average score.  As such, archers must have:  Middle School at least a 259 and/or a season average of 240 and above.  High School at least a 269 and/or a season average of 260 and above.  It is more difficult to get flights for a team since more students are required.  Getting flights for the State tournament is very competitive.

    The following is a list of the STATE archers in alphabetical order (of this list, there are a few alternates added in case of sickness, etc.).  These are the students that will be going to the STATE tournament:

  Middle School Team:

  Joe Baldwin, Brady Brookhart, Peyton Buckman, Jackson Conrad, Jayse Durbin, Brinlee Gill, Avery Gregory, Mason Jackson, Emmett Langhammer, Everett Ratliff, Miles Roth, Grant Rubison, Easton Sanders, Maximus Schiff, Brooklyn Steinkamp, Isaac Totten, Addison Wilt and Morgan Wilt.

  High School Team:

  Gabe Bowen, Gracelynn Claypool, Heaven Claypool, Harlie Fuller, Bree Gill, Hudson Gill, Kainen Hooper, Axel Jackson, Larissa Larrick, Peyson Larrick, Anna Livers, Austin Livers, Beau Mason, Kale McElhoe, Jace McWilliams, Jaycee Mefford, Abby Quakenbush, Maicyn Ratliff, Charlie Roush, Jalyn Snider, Ayden Sterling and Caden Stevenson.

  We will not be able to choose our flights until March 12 at 11:00 am.  More information on the exact dates and times will be made available after that time.