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Church News

Heartland Happenings:

Heartland Christian Academy students had a blast at the school’s recent Conservation/Safety Day organized by Mrs. Metzger. There were plenty of active learning opportunities as guests from a range of community groups came to teach and demonstrate, including the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, BNSF Railroad, Outdoor Safety, Knox County Fire Department, Shelby County Smoke House, and Salt River Ambulance EMT’s.

Plenty of hands shot in the air to volunteer for blood pressure checks, being placed onto a gurney and loaded into an ambulance, using medial equipment, practicing stop-drop-and-roll, and learning what to do in case of a fire using the Kid’s Safety House simulator. Students also got to climb inside a police vehicle, heard about gun and outdoor safety, and learned about safety around railroad tracks. Thank you to all of the community “helpers” for coming!

Also at HCA was a Science Fair for middle school and high school student presentations on topics such as air pressure, reaction time, conducting electricity, grass seed plants, jumping peppers, and more. Kindergarten through fourth grade students came in together to watch and learn from the older students and were very attentive. Thanks to Mrs. Linhart and all of the students for presenting their research and findings in such an informative way!

Hunnewell Church News

Another wonderful day at HMC.  It is Sunday, the sun was pretty, and God’s people came out in faithfulness to praise and worship their Creator/Redeemer.  A very good number came early to Sunday School.  Our study was about the death of Jesus as we approach Good Friday this week.  It was a very good study of the Bible passages.

As usual, many more came in for the worship service.  Following the announcements, Cheryl Waller led us in the singing of our first hymn “I Stand Amazed in the Presence”.  Ed Berry had to work today so Cheryl led the music.  Following the invocation, we watched a video presentation about our North American Mission Board missionary in Boston, Mass.  Jim Berry came forward to lead us in our ministry of prayer time.  Our next hymn was “All the Way My Savior Leads Me” as our offertory hymn.  Carl Hill, Robert Roland, Tim Blackford and Tim Jenkins gathered the offerings.  After singing the “Doxology”,

pastor came forward to share God’s message.

The message title was “Three Crosses On A Hill” based on John 19:13-19, Luke 23:39-46 and 1Peter 2:21-24.  The crucifixion of Jesus, the Son of God, is well verified and recorded in the Bible and the Bible has never been proven to be false.  In Luke 23:39  there is the record of the first man who died IN sin because he would not accept Jesus as the Son of God and his Saviour.  This man’s experience teaches us how impossible it is for one to be saved who rejects the very means of salvation (Jesus), how possible it is to be close to Jesus in many ways yet fail to come to faith in Him and how foolish it is to rely upon late repentance.  The second man died TO sin.  We find this in Luke 23:40-43.  He turned to Jesus as Savior in the last moments of his life but not everyone has that opportunity in the last hours or minutes.  We learn from his experience that no matter how guilty of sin we might be, God provides forgiveness, grace and love to all who turn to Him.  It also teaches us that the means to salvation is faith and trust in Jesus alone and that one must publicly profess their faith.  The first man did not die and then cease to exist.  He went on to the lake of fire and brimstone more commonly referred to as hell where he suffers for eternity.  The second man lives on after his death also but his place of residence is in heaven with God.  The third man on the Cross was Jesus, the Son of God, who had been prophesied throughout the Old Testament and at His birth was announced as the Savior to the world for all who would believe in Him. Jesus died For sin as the sacrificial lamb of God.  He who had no sin in His life died on the Cross taking the sins of all humanity upon Himself and making forgiveness possible to all who would believe in Him.  The death of Jesus teaches us how much God loves us, how our sins can be forgiven and how it gives to us who believe the assured hope of eternal life with God.  Stop and ask yourself this question: “Am I like the first man or the second man?”. We ourselves control our eternal destiny by what we decide about Jesus.

Wednesday night at 6:00 will be our midweek Bible study.  Friday night at 6:00 will be our Good Friday service.  This coming Sunday is Easter Sunday and we will have a sunrise service at 7:00, followed by a carry-in breakfast at 8:00 which will be followed by our morning worship at 9:00.  There will be NO Sunday School next Sunday.  We welcome you and your family to our services.  Come and gather with us at the big red cross.