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Maple Street Fireworks Opens In Shelbina

A new firework stand located on Maple Street in Shelbina, opened on Thursday, June 20.

  Owners of Maple Street Fireworks, Justin and Kirstin Morgan offer 100 different types of fireworks and it’s all under a big white tent next to the car wash they own.

  Kirstin came up with the name for their business. “It’s right next to our car wash and we wanted something that was simple and easy for people to remember,” said Kirstin.

  Since Fourth of July of last year, Justin and Shaun Wilkerson, nephew of the Justin and Kirstin, have been talking about selling fireworks but due to the ordinance of the City of Shelbina they were unable too. 

  According to Shelbina City Clerk Tim Lacy, the ordinance used to be there was no selling fireworks in the city limits. Lacy stated that Justin approached a City Alderman last year at the end of October, beginning of November about selling fireworks and after discussion the Fire Marshall and Shelbina Police Chief came in and talked to them, and at last meeting in January of 2019 the ordinance was passed for selling fireworks in the city limits. Lacy said there was some restrictions on where the Morgan’s could sell them which was not in a residential area, near a gas station, church, or that school.

  Lacy said that Justin and Kirstin had to get a state permit and city permit in order to sell the fireworks. 

    Earlier this spring Justin and Shaun went to Midway in Columbia to watch a demo of the fireworks that they would be interested into selling. 

  “We decided to open the stand up because we wanted a bigger selection for Shelby County,” said Justin.

  The stand is open seven days a week until July 10 and the hours will vary.