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State Flags Three Houses for Demolition

  The City of Shelbyville Board of Aldermen met on Monday, May 4. Present were Mayor Mike Vanskike, Aldermen Brad Willey and Jerry Myers; City Clerk Gina Mesmer, City Superintendent Randy Shores and City Employee Nathan Minear.

  There was not a quorum so the minutes will be approved at the June 1 meeting.

  The election date is June 2. Positions on the ballot are for mayor and north and south ward aldermen.

  The demolition grant was discussed. The environmental review is being worked on by Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments (MTRCG.) The state has flagged three houses for the national registry so there will be more information to gather before the city can proceed on them.

  The board reviewed the information regarding online payments. After discussing all options and the costs it was decided not to pursue it at this time.

  The board reviewed the quarterly budget report.

  DNR had a conference call with Mayor Vanskike to discuss the e-coli limits. DNR wants the city to do a UV light system or some kind of upgrade. The city is still in enforcement, so they are wanting to see something being done. DNR will be setting up another call after the May meeting.

  Shores gave the board information on street work and materials that need to be bought. Shores will get the oil and cold mix ordered.

  Willey asked to get some quotes on new fishing signs at the lake.

  The meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.