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Nursing Home News – January 24, 2024 Edition

Clarence Care News:

By Janet McCoy

It’s been a great week at the Care Center, with all the family and friends visiting. Sunday morning Mryna Carothers with the Clarence Christian Church had church for our residents and their guests.  Those attending were Joni Behringer, Harold Klingaman, Alice Nelson, Ruth Lowe, Linda Boleach, Lula Webster, Mary Peeper, Yvonne Hepworth, David Barr, Bill Wilson and Gerald Blaise. That afternoon, we played a game of “Skip-Bo” and visited with family and friends.

Monday morning started with a word puzzle in their rooms before playing a game of “Uno Attack.” Linda Boleach won most of the games.  That afternoon, we played a game of “Bingo.” The winners were Mary Lou Peeper, Ruth Lowe and Ethelyn Cox.

We got our hearts pumping Tuesday morning with “Sit-N-Fit” before we listened to the Foster’s came and sang for us. That afternoon we enjoyed delicious snacks and drinks from the kitchen staff for “Happy Hour.”

Wednesday morning, we started with a “Sit-N-Fit” before having Bible Study with Delbert Earlywine from Clarence Faith Family in Christ Church.  That afternoon, we played a game of “Bingo.” The grand-prize winners were Yvonne Hepworth, Gerald Blaise and Lula Webster.

Thursday morning started “Sit-N-Fit” before using our creative side during “Friendship Design.” Thank you to Debbie Wood and Jenn Caldwell for making the hearts and helping us paint and decorate them, they look beautiful on our Valentines trees.  That afternoon, we played a game of “PO.KE.NO.” The winners were Lora Knapp, Bob Jones and Yvonne Hepworth.

Friday morning started out with “Sit-N-Fit,” before we played a game of “Skip-Bo.” Lora Knapp and Linda Boleach won the most games. That afternoon we played “Bingo.” The winners were Wayne Hutton and Gary Hermance.

Saturday morning we played a game of “Yahtzee” and ended the afternoon playing a game of “Left, Right, Center.”

God’s blessings to all from all of us at the Clarence Care Center.

Salt River Community Care:

By Carole Wharton

Greetings, from Salt River Community Care. We hope everyone had a wonderful week. We had another busy and fun week here at SRCC.  We started our week off on Saturday with Candace  playing some games of  Mafia Dice and Scattergories in the activity room.  In the afternoon, we enjoyed some rounds of the card game Sevens.  On Sunday, we had church services with Shelbina Church online.

Monday morning, we started our morning with Catholic Communion with Larry Mitchell in the community room.  After that, we did manicures in the activity room. In the afternoon, we enjoyed playing Everest Dice in the activity room.

Tuesday morning,  we started our day off with exercises with Amanda.  After that, we enjoyed playing 3’s Away Dice in the activity room.  After lunch we played Bingo.  The winners were  Terry Turner, Mae Buckman, Sue Roberts, Edna Otto, Bessie Ide, Freddie Shively, Chris Rich, Eugene Wright, Debbie Peacock and  Shirley White.

On Wednesday morning, we started our day off with Paddle Ball in the activity room.  After that, we enjoyed playing Trivia Bingo with Pastor Jeff  in the activity room.   In the afternoon, we gathered in the main dining room for Leap Frog Toss.  In the evening we played Sevens in the activity room.

Thursday morning,  we started our day off with Moving & Grooving to music in the main dining room.  After that, some played Crazy 8’s in the activity room and some went to Bible study in the community room.  In the afternoon, we got together in the activity room for a painting craft with Kathy Black.

Friday morning, we started our day with Tableball in the activity room.   After that, we played some rounds of Crazy 8’s.  After lunch, we had a devotional with Pastor Jeff and then played Bingo.  The winners were  Mae Buckman, Edna Otto, Anna Jean Wilt, Peggy Roberts, Nellie Latchford, Debbie Peacock, Terry Turner, Chris Rich, Sue Roberts and Shirley White.  We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week!!

For upcoming events and pictures of highlighted events, check out our Facebook page.  If you would like to send a note or picture to a loved one, you can send it to and we will be sure to deliver it.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list for the messengers please contact us in the activity department by email or phone at 573-588-4175.

Shelbina Villa:

By Ashley Arnett

Monday, we got beautified with Marva Maddox fixing up everyone’s hair, while activity director Cyndi beautified their nails! The ladies of the Villa must be wanting Spring to arise from these dreary temps, as several chose a vibrant purple that reminds us of new beginnings! Since we got pampered in the morning hours, we decided to work our muscles after lunch with a fun game of horseshoes! Several got close to ringing the horseshoe around the pole but only a few succeeded in getting the job done. Linda Barton scored the highest points, taking first place with 100 points! Rogers Hewitt came in a close second with 95 points. Lydia Gilbert was our third-place winner with 55 points.

Tuesday, we began our morning with the word of God. The Shelbina Baptist Church delivered a good message that resonated with all of us. We played the thinking game Zig Zag Zoom after lunch. This game is a group effort in coming up with words in alphabetical order for a given category. We began the game with a couple of easy categories, boy and girl names. Cyndi then switched it up and came up with a challenge round by switching up the rules a little. The residents liked the challenge but stated that they would have to play with the altered rules a little more to feel more comfortable with the ease of their answers.

We had another round of Gods message Wednesday morning. The Bethel Christian Church came and delivered a delightful message, while our own Emmalynn Hawkins played piano accompaniment. We held a golf tournament for the afternoon activity. Pete Kendrick was our top golfer with the lowest score with a Par 3! We had a three-way tie for second place. Lydia Gilbert, Nora Utterback, and Linda Barton all got a Par 4!

Word Wall was the name of the game Thursday morning. We made words from the word Birthdays! Out of the 281 possibilities, we came up with 95 words! We all came together in the dining room after lunch and played several rounds of Yahtzee and Dominoes. Several won different turns, so it was hard to keep track of the overall winner. Way to go everyone!

Several came to the sunroom Friday morning to play Cornhole. I would almost dare to bet that we have some of the best players in the county, as their precision to get the bean bag in the hole is phenomenal! Pete Kendrick and Lydia Gilbert were our big winners for the morning! For the afternoon activity, we played several rounds of Bingo and enjoyed some happy hour with it.

The staff at the Villa would like to remind you to please stay at home if you are feeling sick, but if you are feeling well, we love to have visitors!  We hope you have a blessed week and please remember to visit us on our Facebook page to see everyone in action! God Bless!