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City of Shelbyville Receives Demolition Grant

By Marlana Smith

   The City of Shelbyville met in regular session on Monday, January 6 at the city office.

  Mayor Mike Vanskike informed the board that the new People’s Clinic would be opening Tuesday, January 7. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Wednesday, January 15 at 11 a.m.

  In other business, Cindy Hultz with the Mark Twain Regional Council of Government (MTRCG) informed the city it would receive a $101,573 demolition grant to tear down buildings in Shelbyville.

  4th District State Representative Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) was also present at the meeting to congratulate the city for receiving the grant.

  “The city will pay $22,600 cash and pay $2,000 in kind for the labor of city workers, totaling $126,172,” Hultz said.

  The funds will be used to tear down 20 structures in the community.

  “I want to thank Gina (city clerk Gina Mesmer) for all her hard work on this grant,” Vanskike said.

  Hultz explained she thought it would be a good idea to have a community meeting letting property owners know when everything is going to happen. The board agreed.

  Hultz also talked with the board about Amy’s Kiddo Daycare that is for sale in Shelbyville suggesting it be a possible community center.

  “You should apply for a grant. You are only eligible for one grant a year,” said Hultz. The board informed Hultz they would talk it over.

  Later in the meeting, Vanskike told the board he did not think the idea would benefit the city from a cost and maintenance standpoint.

  “We are only able to get one grant a year. What if something comes up and we need a grant for something else?” Vanskike asked. “I think it would be a lot of work to keep it up for the city. It would end up costing the city a lot of time and money.”

  The aldermen agreed and the city will not be moving forward with it.

  The Board agreed to donate $500 to the Drug Court Treatment Program. For the past two years, the city has contributed the same amount.

  The budget and financial amendments were passed. A motion was also made to approve the minutes and bills. The motion passed.