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Ambulance Service Approves Vehicle Purchase

By Martha Jane East

A special board meeting of the Salt River Ambulance District was held December 16, 2019 to decide on replacement of high-mileage ambulance. The board members voted to purchase a 2019 Chevy G-4500 Braun Chief XL Type 3 remount ambulance to include Stryker PowerLOAD and AliArc bumper/grille guard assembly. They also approved pursuing the lease-purchase proposal from Clayton Holdings, LLC, for five years at 2.61% with semiannual payments.

The regular monthly meeting of the board was held Wednesday, January 15 at the Salt River Ambulance base in Shelbyville.

Director Kieth Pantaleo reported the Braun ambulance would be delivered on Thursday, January 23 at the Missouri Ambulance Association (MMA) spring meeting Pantaleo said, “The information we receive at these meetings is well-worth having.” The board voted to pay the fees and lodging for both Pantaleo and Edie Christine Secretary/Treasurer to attend the two-day conference.

Pantaleo also advised the board of the anticipated revenue the District would receive by participating in the Ground Emergency Medical Transport (GEMT) program. The purpose of this program is to increase reimbursement for transportation of Medicaid patients.

In other business:

*The board approved the minutes from the November and December meetings.

*The board approved the financial report and voted to pay the bills.

*It was reported the current training is for protocol updates.

*The board voted to approve the payments due on Medic 2 and Medic 4.

The date for the February meeting was changed to February 26.