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Shelby County Recognized By Northeast Coalition for Zero Fatalities Last Year

By Marlana Smith

  Shelby County was recognized by NE Coalition for Roadway Safety on being one of three counties in northeast Missouri who had zero fatalities on Missouri roads last year on Monday, February 10 at the courthouse in Shelbyville.

  This is the second year in a row Shelby County has had zero fatalities.

  “It’s quite an accomplishment to have zero fatalities two years in a row.

  “It’s a joint and team effort that involves everybody that drives in a car,” said Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop B Sergeant Eric Brown.

  Schuyler and Lewis County will also be recognized for zero fatalities in 2019.

  MoDot Senior Communications Specialist Marisa Christy-Kerns wants drivers to be aware of what’s going on around them so that no fatalities occur.

  “Drivers should always pay attention.

  “While we cannot control other motorists, it’s the decisions we make before starting the car, and while we are driving, that could help make a difference in the outcome of a  crash.”

  Christy-Kerns said it is important that Shelby County educate the students on driving.

  “Schools playing an active part in getting the message out to students will help get those habits started.   
  “Hopefully students will then educate other friends and loved ones. The message spreads,” said Christy-Kerns.

  Christy-Kerns commended the work North Shelby has done getting involved with educating its students, faculty and community members about the importance of roadway safety.     

  “North Shelby has done an outstanding job. They have held programs and activities within their school. They are also reaching out to neighboring schools to get involved.  I would love to see the passion in other schools grow as it has at North Shelby,” said Christy-Kerns.