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North Shelby Approves Bids for Two Summer Projects

By Marlana Smith  

  The North Shelby school board met in regular session on Wednesday, February 19 at 6:30 p.m.

  Board President Scot Shively opened the meeting with all members present. Bill Reitz led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  Public Comment –

  The board received thank you notes from all the cooks and Tina Eitel.

  Consent Agenda –

  The board approved the items on the consent agenda—previous month’s minutes and the bills to be paid.

  Old Business – 

  Superintendent Kim Gaines provided the board with two bids she received for the football scoreboard replacement project to take place this summer. 

  Gaines said Nevco came in at $20,986.55 and $5,000 for installing with a total of $25,986.55. The bid from Digital Scoreboard came in at $26,120.47. 

  Board member Bill Reitz motioned to accept the bid from Nevco and Brandy Uhlmeyer seconded. Motion passed 7-0. 

  Gaines provided the board with three asphalt bids.

  Mid River Asphalt’s bid was $237,535.47 followed by Capital Paving, $268.276, and Charlton Paving at $413,460.02.

   Reitz motioned to accept the bid from Mid River Asphalt and Uhlmeyer seconded. Motion passed 7-0.

  Gaines said the asphalt project will be completed this summer. 

  Superintendent Report – 

 Gaines informed the board that she recently attended a health insurance meeting to get the renewal rate for the district, and she said she will bring options to the board for consideration in March.  

  Program Evaluation – 

  Holly Klusmeyer—Special Education Coordinator was not able to attend the board meeting so High School Principal Kerri Greenwell presented the program evaluation.  

  High School Principal Report – 

  Greenwell provided the following information to the board:

  Ethan Thomas attended the Missouri Music Educators Association Conference at the end of January.

  Lisa Arment and Randi Minear attended the Midwest Education Technology Conference (METC) in St. Louis.

  March 2 is the first official practice day for spring sports.

  The WGEM Academic Challenge was rescheduled for April 3. 

  The CMU Music Festival at Fayette is scheduled for February 28.

  Elementary Principal Report – 

  Elementary Principal Monica Hinshaw provided the following information to the board:

  Karissa Hamlin is currently completing her student-teaching experience this semester with Carrie Greenwell in third grade. They are enjoying having them in our building. 

  Haley Hardy, Amber Prange, Jessi Belt, Carrie Greenwell and Paige Smith attended LETRS Training on January 21.

  Fifth grade students are participating in the D.A.R.E. program again this year. The program takes 10 weeks to complete. Cole Hinshaw from the Shelbina Police Department is conducting the classes.

  Jump Rope for Heart began February 4 and will end February 24.

  Randi Minear and Lisa Arment attended the METC Conference in St. Charles, MO February 10-12.

  PreK and Kindergarten Screening will be held March 16, 17 and 18.

  New Business – 

  Gaines told the board that one of the school bus hoods needs to be painted. She said part of the number of the bus on the hood is missing, and there are several large spots on the hood that need paint, so the whole hood will be repainted.  Board member Keith Killen motioned to paint the bus hood for $3,074.81 and Amy Presson seconded. Motion passed 7-0.  Bus inspections will take place on March 9. 

  Executive Session – 

In executive session, the board voted to offer a contract to Trace Windsor for elementary special education for the 2020-2021 school year. The board