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WGU Missouri Announces Plans to Fund Dozens of Classroom Projects Across the State

With schools closing across Missouri due to the spread of Covid-19, many are realizing just how vital teachers are in educating our future generations; the online university wants to celebrate K-12 teachers by encouraging them to submit their classroom projects for funding consideration online by April 19


Shelbyville, Mo. – (March 18, 2020) In the wake of school closures as Covid-19 continues to spread across the state, WGU Missouri is hoping to shine a positive light on teachers and thank them for their selfless efforts in educating our children.  The online, nonprofit university today announced the return of its “Fund My Classroom” initiative aimed at helping teachers throughout Missouri expand their curriculum and employ innovative techniques to engage and challenge students. K-12 teachers in need of funding to support their planned innovative projects are encouraged to submit a proposal online at now through April 19th.Winners will be notified during Teacher Appreciation Week, which takes place May 3rd through May 9th.

Educators can request funding for classroom experiences, field trips, supplies or anything else they believe would improve their classrooms. To be considered, proposed projects must include a description, including how much funding is needed and how the proposed project will benefit students. Both public and private school teachers are encouraged to apply. Teachers do not have to be WGU students or alumni to apply.

This is the second consecutive year WGU Missouri is making the “Fund My Classroom” initiative available for teachers. In 2019, the university was able to provide more than $10,000 in funding to 15 schools across Missouri. It hopes to increase that number this year.

“During ‘Fund My Classroom’s’ inaugural year, we received more than 200 nominations from teachers with innovative and unique ideas on how to improve their classrooms, and we were  excited to bring several of those ideas to life,” said Dr. Angie Besendorfer, Chancellor of WGU Missouri, and a former K-12 educator.

Funded projects ranged from training for two therapy dogs at Royal Heights Elementary in Joplin, where approximately 22 percent of students suffer from some sort of trauma-related symptom that impacts their success at school; to an effort to bring pedal exercisers to the  library media center at Blades Elementary in St. Louis in hopes of sparking an enthusiasm for reading and the creation of a STEM Lab at Greenfield Elementary School in Greenfield, Mo.

“Our teachers work tirelessly to provide enriching classroom experiences for their students but are often limited by the costs associated with providing impactful educational learning,” said Besendorfer. “In these uncertain times, as communities across the state practice social distancing and students settle into remote learning, it’s become even more apparent how important teachers are. ‘Fund My Classroom’ is just one way we can give back and thank them for all they do. We look forward to learning about all the projects being proposed this year and being able to provide deserving teachers with funding that will help make their classrooms more engaging for their students once school is back in session.”

For more information or to nominate a teacher or classroom project, visit