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Same Style Expected During Raiders’ Season

By Marlana Smith

  North Shelby will return three starters from last year’s 13-14 team. Senior Silas Presson, junior Kyle Smith and sophomore Rob Uhlmeyer are among 19 Raiders who will take on the 2020 basketball season. The roster will also include senior Josh Hunolt.

  Head coach Landon Daniel has recorded a 24-27 mark while guiding the Raiders.

   Daniel plans to continue the same style that was seen last year.

   “A lot of different guys played because of the fast pace style that NS played on both sides of the ball,” Daniel said.

  Conditioning week started the last week of October and practice officially started on Nov. 2 for non-football boys.

  Daniel said the team has been working hard on its skillsets and concepts during practice.

  “I have been very pleased with the effort and intensity so far this year. Both teams really want to do big things and have started the year out the right way to achieve those goals,” Daniel added.

  With all the uncertainty of COVID, Daniel said they will just look one game at a time and be thankful for every game they do get to play.

  Daniel indicated his goal as a coach is to make sure that he makes his players become better basketball players and more importantly, better people as the season progresses.

  “Wins, losses, stats and those kinds of things are remembered for sure, but the game of life and the lessons learned from being a part of a team and doing things the right way are more important,” Daniel added.

  Daniel looks forward to being assisted by former North Shelby teammate, Cody Stoneburner.

  “He brings a lot of knowledge and skills to our program and we are very happy to get him back in the red and gold this year,” Daniel said.