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Mask Mandate Implemented at South Shelby

By Marlana Smith

  Starting Nov. 30, the students and staff members of Shelby County R-IV will be required to wear masks.

  The board of education held a special meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 18 following Governor Parson, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) outlining modifications to Missouri’s K-12 school reopening and operating guidance.

  “The board of education felt it was necessary to follow the guidelines from the Shelby County Health Department,” said Superintendent Troy Clawson.

  “It’s a way to try and keep our kids in school. We feel like the mask mandates will help keep our kids in the seats better,” Clawson added.

  If students or staff members don’t have masks when arriving at school, a mask will be provided if available.

  Clawson indicated there are some students and staff members who have medical issues and won’t be wearing masks.

  Masks will also not be required while eating, or in settings where the instructor has deemed social distancing guidelines safe.   

  “The employees of the Shelby County R-IV School District will not (emphasis added) be the mask police,” said Clawson.

  Shelby County Health Administrator Audrey Gough said school guidance from DESE/DHSS shows mask must be made of two-ply material and if it is a neck gaiter, it has to be of two-ply material as well.

  Masks will be required until further notification.