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Nursing Home News

Shelbina Villa:

Monday, we got beautified with Marva Maddox fixing up everyone’s hair, while activity director Cyndi beautified their nails! Some of the ladies chose green French tips and tiny shamrocks to adorn their nails for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day! Everyone’s nails turned out super cute and festive! We took to the courts for some Villa March Madness after lunch. Everyone took turns shooting some hoops in the hopes of getting the most baskets and points. It was neck and neck for several rounds, 5 points here, 5 points there, then 10 points. Pete Kendrick ended up winning the battle with 15 total points! Janet Bichsel took second with 11 points. We had a two-way tie for third, Marge Williams and Linda Barton both got 10 points.

We listened to the word of God Tuesday morning. The Baptist Church came and delivered a powerful message and sang several hymns with us. We love singing hymns, especially when we have piano accompaniment! We played a Villa favorite after lunch, we played the dice game Stuck in the Mud. We each took turns rolling the dice, until we became stuck with the points that we got. Our big dice rolling winner was Anna Barton! Anna got 155 points! We had a tie for second place, as Jerri Hewitt and Lydia Gilbert both got 123 points! Dorothy Gill took third place with 117 points! Way to go ladies!

We worked on our word knowledge Wednesday morning playing Word Wall. The word to make words from was St. Patrick’s Day. Out of the 1,063-word possibilities, we came up with 148! Not too shabby for only playing for an hour! We played a new game after lunch called Chase Away the Ace. The object of the game was to not have the lowest number from a deck of cards. If you were the lowest number, you lost a chip, thus ending your chances of winning. This game was fun and reminded us of Left Right Center. Faye Poore was the winner, ending the game with one chip remaining!

Thursday, we became one with the chair and completed Chair Yoga! We stretched and strengthened our muscles, one pose at a time. We ended the morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day ahead of us. We completed a craft after lunch. We took turns decorating our dry erase Easter eggs, bunnies, and chicks! We decorated each item with Easter themed stickers and jewels!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early. We began our morning with some fun Trivia. Do you know where and when was the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland? It was 1903 in the Irish town of Waterford! We learned a lot of interesting facts about this fun holiday! We had our annual St. Patrick’s Day party after lunch. The kitchen served up an array of treats! We had mini Reuben sliders, shamrock sugar cookies, a colorful fruit rainbow complete marshmallow clouds, kissing clovers, pot of gold cookies, and rainbow candy cups. We took photos with our own Villa leprechaun and played a luck numbers game! It was a fun way to end our week!

The staff at the Villa would like to remind you to please stay at home if you are feeling sick, but if you are feeling well, we love to have visitors!  We hope you have a blessed week and please remember to visit us on our Facebook page to see everyone in action! God Bless!

Salt River Community Care:

Hello everyone from Salt River Community Care. We have had a great week here at SRCC.  We here hope everyone else has had a wonderful week too. We  here at SRCC, started our week off on Saturday with Candace playing some games with the residents in the activity room. In the morning we enjoyed several trivia games learning all about St. Patrick Day.  Then in the afternoon we played a St Patricks Day dice game.  The winners were Marjorie Allison and Mary Lou Bichsel.  We also played several rounds of Crazy 8’s.   On Sunday, we had church services with Heartland Christian College Church.

Monday morning, we started our morning off with some residents attending Catholic Communion with Larry Mitchell.  After that some residents worked out by exercising in the main dining room.  With the weather starting to warm up, some of the residents went out for lunch at the Shelbina Family Restaurant.  Everyone that went really enjoyed their meal.   In the afternoon we played several games of  ship dice.

Tuesday morning,  we started our day off with exercises in the main dining room.  After that,  several residents played a Mexican Dice game.  Mary Lou Bichsel was our winner.   After lunch we played Bingo and had snacks. The winners were Terry Turner , Karen Baymiller, Debbie Peacock, Peggy Roberts, Shirley White,  Mary Lou Bischsel, Eugene Wright, and Nellie Latchford.

On Wednesday morning, we started the day with Paddle Ball in the main dining room.  After that we meet in the activity room to do  trivia bingo with Pastor Jeff.    In the afternoon, we played Mexican dice.  In the evening we played the card game 7’s.

Thursday morning,  we started our day with Manicures, then right after that we played a game called shut the box.  In the afternoon we made an Easter Craft.

Friday, we had a fun and lively group that played UNO in the activity room.  Later in the afternoon we played a fan favorite BINGO.   The winners were Peggy Roberts,  Debbie Peacock, Shirley White, Nellie Latchford, Gene Wright, Karen Baymiller,  Mary Lou Bichsel, Sue Roberts  and Chris Rich.

Please check out our Facebook page.  If you would like to send a note or picture to a loved one, you can send it to and we will be sure to deliver it for you.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list for the messengers please contact us in the activity department by email or phone at 573-588-4175.